<span style="font-weight:bolder">Together</span>, we can advance mastocytosis research
<strong>Together</strong>, we can advance mastocytosis research
<strong>Together</strong>, we can advance mastocytosis research

Mast Cell Connect is a patient registry to advance understanding of mastocytosis and help speed the development of new therapies that improve mastocytosis patients’ lives. Share your experiences, get data and insights from the registry, and find out about mastocytosis and related clinical trials.

Why Join?

  • Learn from other patients' experiences. By participating, you will gain access to data and insights gleaned from other patients’ responses that may be useful in better understanding your own disease.

  • Find out about clinical trials and other research studies. You can sign up to be notified about clinical trials and other research studies that you may be eligible for based on the information you enter into the registry.

  • Advance research and speed development of new treatments. By improving our understanding of mastocytosis and its impact on patients over time, you can help spur the development of new treatments.

Who Can Join?

  • Any patient with a diagnosis of mastocytosis, including systemic mastocytosis, cutaneous mastocytosis and any subtypes of these diseases, who is willing and able to provide written online informed consent.

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Every disease community should have a common, accessible patient registry.

We’ve heard over and over that creating a shared registry of patients is one of the most valuable things a disease community can do. A registry puts critical information about a disease all in one place. This makes it easier for researchers to study the disease, for patients to learn about front-line treatments and for advocates to speak on behalf of the disease community.

But registries are hard to maintain.

Registries are expensive. They need constant upkeep - usually by people with a lot of expertise in disease and data management. Often there are multiple competing registries for one disease, which leads to siloed, dead-end data that nobody can use.

Patient Crossroads is here to fix all of that.

Our CONNECT platform enables anyone - from individual patients to global research organizations - to collect and share disease data in a way that’s controlled, transparent and centered on patients’ best interests.